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Optimal SMT process solutions are offered with our wide range of products and advanced technology.

To respond to the ever-advancing performance, compactness, and light weight of electronic products in recent years, we offer a broad lineup of surface mount technology (SMT) machines and peripheral equipment mainly from Panasonic Connect, which boasts the world’s No. 1 market share in mounting machines. We provide total support to satisfy customers’ needs for solving issues in the mounting process with our high level of solution and technical capabilities. We also offer a rental service of the mounting machines, which are our main commercial products, which enables flexible application according to customer needs.

In addition, we also offer the “Smart Reel Rack” that enables computerization and informatization of the storage racks of reels of electronic components supplied to electronic board SMT lines. This will reduce the necessary storage space of electronic component reels and improve the work efficiency of warehousing and shipping, which offers solutions for customers in a new and unprecedented way.

Business sectors and industries of main customers


  • General manufacturing industry in Japan and abroad
  • All other industries with production sites that require mounting (SMT) processes


  • Production Engineering, etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues regarding the SMT process of electronic devices.

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Electronic device SMT Process

  1. Highly accurate surface mounting technology is required to meet the demand for higher performance, downsizing, and weight-saving of electronic boards.
  2. Solutions focusing not only on the mounting machine but also on the entire production line (efficiency and systemization) from production planning, preparation & setup, production, to maintenance and management are necessary.

Electronic component reel (member) management

  1. Largely wasted space in the warehouse for member management
  2. Finding parts and materials is time-consuming
  3. Member inventory management of parts and materials is complicated and time-consuming
  4. There is a concern of incorrect mounting due to member replacement errors
SMT Process Business
of JFE Shoji Electronics has solutions

In addition to sales of mounting equipment, our SMT Process Business offers optimal one-stop & total solutions with technical support to resolve issues related to the mounting process.

We have the product appealing strength as a technology trading company, the technical capabilities with a large number of engineers, and the performance record, experience, and knowledge that we have accumulated by serving numerous customers. Our unique strength is based on our capability to solve problems comprehensively for our customers (solution capability).

Solution1Surface Mounting Machine + Peripheral Equipment

Surface Mounting Machine + Peripheral Equipment

We have an excellent lineup of products from Japan and abroad including mounting machines from Panasonic Connect, which boasts the world’s No. 1 performance record and market share in surface mount technology (SMT) machines. In addition to stand-alone equipment, we also provide comprehensive solutions for sales and design of process management (systems and software) for board mounting.

We provide solutions for the entire SMT and contribute to solving the following issues for our customers.

  • Increase in production efficiency (output improvement)
  • Reduce errors, improve accuracy and efficiency of quality control (cost reduction)
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Solution2Smart Reel Rack

Smart Reel Rack

Smart Reel Rack is a rack system that enables computerization and informatization of the storage racks of reels of electronic components supplied to board mounting lines. It significantly improves the production efficiency of the manufacturing line by saving space in the storage area and simplifying the member entry/exit process.

Integrated digitalization of member management that conventionally has been managed manually in an analog manner. We offer an entirely new member management system that promotes the application of DX and smart factory (production site).

Reduction of electronic parts leasing storage space

Smart Reel Rack is of a free-location system. Reels can be packed and stored, which reduces wasted storage space.

Work time efficiency and reduction

The location of the target reel to be used is notified by blinking LEDs. This reduces the time for storage entry/exit process, which used to be time-consuming. Since there is no need to remember the location of the reels, both new and experienced employees can work at the same speed and with the same efficiency.

Inventory Visualization + Efficiency

The conversion from paper-based analog management to digital management contributes to more efficient inventory management. The system for electronic component reel data is managed to support first-in, first-out (FIFO) of parts and materials. Member delivery management can also be centrally managed by data, which prevents incorrect mounting due to errors in component replacement.

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