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Privacy Policy

JFE Group Privacy Policy

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Purpose of Use

  1. Semiconductors, electronic components such as integrated circuits, computers and related equipment, mounting materials, electronics, guidance for the purchase, assembly, and inspection of peripheral equipment, management and finalization of contracts and sales.
  2. Outside of those uses in 1 listed above, products, technologies and know-how handled by our company, management and finalization of contracts and purchases, processing, sales, installation, and maintenance.
  3. Outside of 1 and 2 listed above, incidental or related guidance services, if provided, management and finalization of contracts.
  4. For information on products handled by group companies, partner companies, and suppliers, processing, sales and contract finalization and management.
  5. Guidelines of group companies and partner companies handling technology and know-how services, offers, and contract finalization and management
  6. Development of new products and services

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Corporate Planning & Coordination Department, JFE Shoji Electronics Co., Ltd.

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