Electronic Devices Business

A broad lineup of electronic device products and solutions from Japan and overseas are offered. Our global network satisfies the diverse needs of a wide variety of customers.

“The electronic device application fields are becoming increasingly diverse with the evolution of information technology and digital technology. A wide range of distinctive electronic device products and solutions, both Japanese and foreign-made is available through our global network. We support DX/EC initiatives that combine electronic devices, electronic equipment, and information networks, as well as comprehensive service and technical assistance from product proposal to mass production. We satisfy the needs of each customer.”

Business sectors and industries of main customers


  • General manufacturing industry in Japan
  • Trading company
  • Leasing and services
  • Information and telecommunications industry
  • Government
  • Research institutes


  • Development / Design
  • Purchasing / Materials
  • Information and Communication

Please feel free to contact us for other requests including custom LSI development in addition to the above industries and departments.

Do you need solutions for these tasks?

  1. Develop a competitive product that requires a specific need (function)
  2. Adopt electronic devices that are highly reliable, technically responsive, and have a proven performance
  3. Deal with secure vendors
  4. Use the information obtained from the device
The Electronic Devices Business of
JFE Shoji Electronics has solutions

We satisfy every need of our customers with our highly competitive products and reliable technology

Our electronic devices business offers a broad lineup of electronic device products with excellent technologies and proven performance both in Japan and abroad. We also support the development of custom LSIs through our ASIC service for our customers. We offer product proposals and provide technical support to meet customer needs in fields and markets that require high technology.

In addition, we provide extensive support in areas ranging from substrates and modules to product development. We offer integrated solutions from product development to mass production with highly competitive products that obtain unique features.

Proven trading record with many major Japanese companies and reliable services are the strength of JFE Shoji Electronics. We provide solutions at every stage from electronic devices to the development of electronic equipment. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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