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For more than 30 years since the former Kawasho Corporation, JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation, as an electronics trading company in the JFE Group, has been handling a wide variety of distinctive products and solutions globally to meet the diverse needs of customers in the rapidly changing electronics industry.

Using our strength of global network formed by our numerous overseas bases and by leveraging our technical support and capabilities to provide system solutions, we will continue to speedily respond to requests and provide highly differentiated solutions for our customers. Our goal is to become a technology trading company with a strong presence as a partner that looks beyond the traditional sales of products.

Four Strengths that Keep Customers to Select Us

Four Strengths that Keep Customers to Select Us

The reason why JFE Shoji Electronics has been chosen by customers for many years. It is the “four strengths” characteristics of JFE Shoji Electronics. We have proven achievements and experience in providing solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers, backed by the comprehensive strengths of the JFE Group. This has brought the reputation and trust of our customers to us.

Strength 1Technical Capability

Technical Capability

Our role is distinct from simply procuring and delivering products that meet our customers’ needs. We are experts between suppliers and customers, guiding our customers in the best direction with technical solutions.

We have a large number of technical staff, both domestic and international, who are able to integrate the technology of our suppliers with the needs of our customers. We are able to provide our engineers at each of our bases, including those overseas according to the customers’ target business domain, market, and field. Therefore, we can provide solutions that are one step ahead based on expertise gained from years of industry experience, advanced technological capabilities, and our professional perspective on market technology trends.

Strength 2Global Network Capability

With the current complex globalization of the market, our activity domain is naturally not limited to Japan. Our strength is our ability to respond without borders both in Japan and abroad. Half of our employees are overseas staff who are in close cooperation with our domestic staff to fully support our clients to expand their business overseas.

Since establishing a local subsidiary in Malaysia in 1994, we have expanded our overseas operations mainly in Southeast Asia. Today, we have a global network of 12 offices in 7 countries around the world.

We have expanded businesses overseas that are closely linked to the local communities using our world-class products and services with our trust and long achievement in Japan. We continue to be an indispensable presence for customers in those countries.

Please inquire about procurement of overseas products and services, transfer of factories and production overseas, and other requests. We can provide a one-stop service for customers’ needs without any language barriers.

Global Network Capability

Strength 3Issue Solving Capability

Issue Solving Capability

We have contributed to our customers solving numerous issues in Japan and overseas. We are proud of our accumulated expertise in solving issues, which is both high in quality and quantity.

As a technology trading company trusted by our customers, we will continue to be between suppliers and customers to provide the best and effective solutions that meet customer needs and budgets.

Please inquire if you have any questions about contract manufacturing of semiconductors and other electronic devices, automation, and labor-saving in factories, safety assurance in factories and public places, selection of equipment and materials to comply with SDGs, or any other issues.

Strength 4Capability of proposing Solutions from a Wide Range of Areas

Provision of Solutions from a Wide Range of Areas

Many of the issues that our clients face in the field cannot be solved by a single company. The key to solving complex problems is the provision of total solutions (conceptualization and design capabilities) with an overall perspective.

We handle a diverse range of business domains from semiconductors to equipment used in factories and even technology used in social infrastructure. The wide range of business domains and the presence of our partners in each of them enhance our capability to create total solutions.

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