Our History

After 1980 1985: Establishment of LSI Business Promotion Department, Kawasaki Steel Corporation
1986: Started electronics business in Kawasho Corporation’s Development Division with Semiconductor Group, SMT Team (mounting machines), Industrial Equipment Team, etc.
1990: Completion of Utsunomiya LSI Works, Kawasaki Steel Corporation
1991 Establishment of Electronics Division in Kawasho Corporation
Establishment of Semiconductor Sales Department
Establishment of Industrial Equipment Sales Department
1994 Establishment of Kawasho Engineering Services Malaysia Sdn.Bhd., the current local subsidiary (JFE Shoji Electronics Malaysia) in Malaysia
1996 Establishment of Kawasho Engineering Services (Thailand) Limited, the current local subsidiary (JFE Shoji Electronics Thailand) in Thailand
2002 Establishment of JFE Holdings Inc.
Establishment of Kawasho Electronics Corporation, transferred mounting equipment and cleaning equipment businesses
2004 Establishment of JFE Shoji Holdings Inc., split into separate companies for each business (steel, food, semiconductors, real estate)
Establishment of Kawasho Semiconductor Corporation and became a subsidiary of JFE Shoji Holdings
2005 Establishment of Kawasho Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited, the current Hong Kong (JFE Shoji Electronics Hong Kong) in Hong Kong
2011 Announcement of dissolution of JFE Shoji Holdings Inc.
Merger of Kawasho Semiconductor Corporation and Kawasho Electronics Corporation and established JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation
2018 Establishment of JFE Shoji Electronics Vietnam Co.,Ltd. in Vietnam
2022 Tokyo head office was moved from 2-7-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo to 2-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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