Greetings from the President

We want to be an attractive and challenging group that continues to advance forward with society.

Rapidly advancing electronics technology is largely changing the way we live and interact with people, and how we work. They are revolutionizing human society through economic globalization and the diversification of people’s values and behavior patterns. As the only electronics trading company in the JFE Group, we are committed to creating new value and providing optimal services by constantly absorbing and applying cutting-edge technologies with being aware of the trend based on our many years of experience in the industry.

In the Semiconductor device, Foundry, SMT & Packaging process, Cleaning process, Smart factory, and high-performance materials businesses, we will continue to provide distinctive products and highly differentiated services & solutions while using our strength, our extensive global network of overseas bases. At the same time, we will position sustainability as the foundation of our corporate existence and strive to maximize our corporate value.

We also aim to assist our customers in the “DX of manufacturing” by meeting the needs of all the manufacturing industries that surround us while applying our experience accumulated through the use of data and the latest digital technology to the manufacturing site.

What we value the most is to be “a company that thoroughly pursues CONTRIBUTION to customers, suppliers, the market, and society,” in other words, CONTRIBUTION to all stakeholders.

In order to achieve this, we will share the true issues with our customers by showing our APPRECIATION, and then we will boldly take on the CHALLENGES speedily without fear of failure.

Then, we aim to provide innovative solutions with our unique DIFFERENTIATION.

We will share this awareness within the company as the keyword “ACCD,” and we will continue to promote uncompromising discussions and sincerely address issues to be a company that continues to be trusted as a true partner.

We want to be an attractive and challenging group that continues to advance forward with society. That is our desire.

JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation
President and Representative Director
Takaaki Yanagisawa
Takaaki Yanagisawa

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