Foundry Business

Our experienced technical staff lead your product development to success using our extensive process lineup and our unique ecosystem.

Our Foundry Business provides manufacturing services for semiconductors that process and fabricate silicon and compound semiconductor wafers based on customers’ GDS data. We are the first authorized distributor in Japan for GlobalFoundries (GF), one of the world’s top-class foundry companies. Since launching the foundry business in 2009, we have accumulated more than 10 years of expertise & experience and 400 product development projects through technical consulting. Our core competence is that we have experienced technical staff members in house who have long-year experience as an engineer in semiconductor manufacturers. We can provide an unique ecosystem for semiconductor design and manufacturing. In addition to wafer foundry services, we offer flexible and high-value-added full or partial turnkey services (SIS: Silicon Integration Service) in accordance with diversified customer’s requirements for LSI design and manufacturing.

Services and Applications

  • Foundry Services
    • Silicon semiconductor
    • Compound semiconductor
    • High voltage and special process
  • Shuttle service
    • Proto & Small lot manufacturing
  • Silicon integration services
    • Full Turnkey
    • Partial Turnkey (Assembly / Test)
    • Design service
  • Telecommunications and data center field
    • Smartphones and Mobile terminals
    • Optical module and components
    • Communication infrastructure (Wireless and Wired)
    • Data center
  • Home, Industry, IoT
    • Audio, Display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB
    • Industrial applications
    • AI, Edge computing
  • Automotive
    • ADAS
    • Infotainments
    • In-Vehicle Network

Find the solution

  1. To find foundry service with the value added wafer process
  2. To find foundry service with advanced technology or cutting-edge for new project
  3. To find special wafer technology for high frequency, high voltage ,compound semiconductor, etc.
  4. To find full turnkey and partial turnkey service
  5. Need the technical consultation and suggestion for wafer process selection and design
Please contact to
Foundry Business Department
Please contact Foundry Business Department if you are considering to develop semiconductor products that require advanced processes or special technologies such as high frequency, high voltage, and compound semiconductor.

JFE Shoji Electronics is the first authorized distributor and the platinum partner of GF in Japan. GF has value-added wafer process for logic and analog LSI. Our customers promptly launch their LSIs using a wide range of applications for 5G, IoT, automotive, power control, drive, and industrial. In addition, we offer a shuttle service to share masks and wafers for multiple projects.

SIS (Silicon Integration Service)

JFE Shoji Electronics can offer “JFE’s SIS (Silicon Integration Service)” which is a partial or full turnkey to provide the production service in accordance with customer requirements. We can offer design service if necessary. In corporation with partners, we can support wafer manufacturing, wafer testing, bumping, assembly, and final testing to complete the product fabrication with our inventory management and logistics. The best supply chain for manufacturing can be established by our unique ecosystem. Core competence of “JFE’s SIS (Silicon Integration Service)” is coming from high quality technical service by our skilled engineers. We also provide consultation for any kinds of technical issues. Please contact to us.


Success for value-added semiconductor manufacturing

We can provide the best manufacturing process (solution) based on customer’s requirements.

One Stop + One Solution for stress-free project management

Our engineers support the product development with high quality wafer foundry service of GF. Advanced solution suggested by our engineers based on market trend can bring competitive product development. One-stop service up to mass production is really helpful for customers to succeed product development smoothly.

Columns of Foundry Business

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