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We have acquired more than 30 years of achievement and experience We are professionals of “Industrial Cleaning”

Our Cleaning Process Business solves various needs and troubles that occur in the cleaning process for our customers. It handles sales of environmentally friendly and high-quality hydrocarbon/aqueous solvents as well as sales, maintenance, and repair services of industrial cleaning equipment that uses these solvents. The scope of activities (delivery) extends from Japan to China, Southeast Asia, and other countries. As a professional in factory cleaning processes, our Cleaning Process Business has over 30 years of delivery experience and a wealth of expertise in meeting the needs of our customers. In addition to product sales, we provide optimal solutions and after-sales service for the cleaning issues our customers face based on our experience and achievements accumulated over many years in Japan and overseas.

Business sectors and industries of main customers

With over 30 years of delivery experience, we have served approximately 150 customers and sold approximately 250 units of cleaning equipment.


  • General parts processing industry
  • Metal machining manufacturer
Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues in cleaning machining oil and dirt (contamination) that are generated during parts machining.

Do you need solutions for these tasks?

  1. Cleaning is handled using cleaning solutions that are harmful to the human body and the environment (consideration for the human body and the environment is necessary)
  2. Parts to be cleaned are becoming more precise and current cleaning equipment/agent cannot clean the parts well
  3. Need to appeal to customers as a factory or production line that takes environmental issues into consideration
  4. Human labor is highly used for the cleaning process in overseas but due to rising labor costs, we want to automate the cleaning process
  5. Introduce a cleaning line that can guarantee the quality level of a Japanese factory in an overseas factory.
  6. Overseas factories are using expensive cleaning solutions imported from Japan and the cost is high.
The Cleaning Process Business of JFE Shoji Electronics has solutions
First, we carefully listen to each customer’s cleaning issues such as what kind of parts and what kind of contamination they want to clean and what is the desired daily cleaning quantity. Our professionals, who are thoroughly familiar with the on-site cleaning process, will quickly propose the optimal solution to solve the cleaning issues.

In addition to proposing cleaning solutions and machines, we provide one-stop service including design of the entire cleaning process, delivery, finishing work, and after-sales service. We flexibly respond to the purposes, budget, desired cleaning solutions, and other requests of the customers.

Solution1Cleaning solvents

Cleaning solution

The Cleaning Process Business carefully selects cleaning solutions (hydrocarbon/water-based) for our customers’ needs that are environmentally friendly and offered at our manufacturing bases in Japan and overseas. For the hydrocarbon-based products, we have primary agency rights for ExxonMobile Chemical’s Actrel series. After purchasing large quantities of these products, we handle drumming and inventory management, which enables us to promptly deliver the necessary amount to our customers (*at overseas bases).

In addition, in March 2018, we began selling our own brand product, J CLEAN D, which has low odor, high quality, and low price. We also offer an extensive lineup of other solvents to provide the optimal solvent for our customers.

Solution2Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Equipment
The optimal cleaning equipment to solve cleaning-related issues is provided with Japan’s leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment below as our business partners.
  • Cleanvy Corporation (manufacturer of hydrocarbon-based cleaning machine)
  • Fine Machine Kataoka Co., Ltd. (Waterbased cleaing machine)

Beautiful finishing using high cleaning and drying capabilities

Degreasing and removing of contamination in areas that could not be cleaned before is possible using the optimal cleaning solution and cleaner. Improvement of the functionality, product quality, and appearance of metal machining parts can be achieved. Our integrated support of cleaning solutions, cleaner, and after-sales service provides the best possible results.

Environmentally friendly and people-friendly cleaning processes

Many overseas factories still rely on human (workers) labor for cleaning processes. Conventional cleaning agents put burden on both the environment and workers Our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and have a low odor, reducing environmental impact and worker discomfort.

Reduction of running costs

The cleaning solutions we provide reduce solvent consumption and contribute to significant cuts in running costs. Reduction in labor costs and improvement in yields can be expected through mechanization (automation) and streamlining of the cleaning process. Our overseas inventory and delivery system offer low-cost and quick delivery.

The optimal cleaning process desired by customers

The Cleaning Process Business is not limited to simply providing necessary cleaning agents and cleaners for our customers. We provide total support to solve issues in the cleaning process that could not be solved through conventional methods and provide the optimal cleaning process desired by our customers. This service can only be provided by JFE Shoji Electronics that has more than 30 years of accumulated experience and expertise in this field. The keywords are one-stop and total solution. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or issues related to cleaning at your manufacturing site.
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