Smart Logistics Solution

Simply attach a GPS tracker to your vehicle to visualize “when”, “where”, and “what happened“.
It collects location information, temperature/shock information, and CO2 emissions data, and manages it all together via a web application.

DX in logistics is defined as the transformation of logistics through mechanization and digitalization, and in order to solve the labor shortage and long working hours of truck drivers, automation and digitalization efforts using advanced technologies such as robotics, AI, and IoT are expected to further accelerate in order to reduce waiting time, improve truck operation rates, and increase efficiency of delivery and warehousing operations.

Do you have any of the following problems?

  1. Desire to grasp waiting/loading time
  2. Desire to enhance safety and security during transportation and delivery
  3. Desire to reduce the waste by optimizing assets
  4. Desire to share location information with subcontractors
  5. Desire to visualize CO2 emissions in “Scope 3”
Leave it to Smart Logistics Solution
from JFE Shoji Electronics

The GPS Tracker (battery-powered) is palm-size and lightweight, so it can be used on various objects such as trucks, trailer chassis, basket carts, and pallets.
It is easy to install and solves the problem of centralized management of location information at low cost.

In the Smart Logistics Solution, we will support the resolution of the logistics 2024 problem and contribute to our customers’ efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

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