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Visual inspection and hammer tapping are the major methods used to inspect the outside walls of apartment buildings, office buildings, and other tall buildings. With technological developments, it has become possible to do more accurate inspections using robots, high-precision cameras, and infrared rays, but these methods are not sufficient for getting information on internal structure. One of the challenges is to develop a method to get more advanced and reliable information on it.

We have been developing a method to obtain more reliable defect information.

In our radar non-destructive inspection business, we have developed millimeter wave radar technology that enables non-contact, non-destructive inspection of voids and cracks hidden inside building exterior walls.

We offer building owners more efficient periodic inspections to save manpower and improve workability.

Rader Non-destructive inspection of
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We have developed millimeter wave radar technology that enables non-contact, non-destructive inspection of internal structure in outside walls. We can get information of position and depth on internal structure that cannot be visualized, and create images of the defects.

Solution 1Visualization of internal defect locations using millimeter wave radar


Radar utilizing optical communication technology and millimeter wave radar technology visualize the location of defects in walls by checking the frequency difference of radio waves.

The variable frequency of broadband radio waves created by our radar system is irradiated onto the objects. By calculating the difference in amplitude between the radio wave reflected back from the object and the original radio wave, the location of defects inside the wall can be visualized.

We have already demonstrated the usefulness of the system, and in an experiment on a specimen simulating internal defects in the exterior wall of a building, we obtained cross-sectional images as shown on the right, and succeeded in visualizing voids between tiles and mortar layer, mortar and concrete frame, and mortar layer.

The combination of this high-performance radar technology and controllable moving objects such as drones and robots, will not only increase the economy, efficiency, and safety of inspection work, but also be able to visualize risks that are invisible to the unaided eyes.

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