Logistics Tracking System

トラッキングシステム 端末

Logistics Tracking System

The Logistics Tracking System is designed to meet the needs of the logistics industry, such as “improving various work hours” and “improving the efficiency of trailer operations.
We have developed a logistics tracking system to meet the needs of the logistics industry.
The GPS terminal is attached to vehicles such as trailers and logistics materials such as pallets and carts.
The tracking data can be obtained by simply attaching a GPS terminal to a vehicle such as a trailer, pallet, cart, or other logistics material.
The collected data can be viewed on PCs and smartphones via a web application.
With a highly functional tracking terminal that senses position, temperature, and movement
The location information of the attached materials can be grasped and the CO2 emissions during transportation can be visualized.
Furthermore, by utilizing the acquired information to optimize travel routes,
This service can also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions from vehicles by optimizing travel routes through the use of acquired information.

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Smart Logistics Solution

Reduction of waiting time for cargo and optimization of dispatch management and routes are realized by visualization using GPS terminals.
We provide a system that enables data acquisition useful for logistics material management and route efficiency.


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