EMS Business

We support the manufacturing activities of our customers using electronic devices in all forms.

Our EMS Business not only handles sales of electronic devices but also supports the manufacturing activities of our customers by providing value-added proposals as the total solution to meet diversifying needs.

As a technology trading company, we provide comprehensive support using our vast network. ODM, OEM, and EMS formats are supported.

We also handle contracted manufacturing and equipment sales of the AI irrigation and fertilization robot “ZeRo.agri” that supports “smart agriculture” with ICT technology.

Business sectors and industries of main customers


  • General manufacturing industry in Japan
  • Industries that require manufacturing using electronic devices


  • Development / Design
  • Purchasing / Materials

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering ODM, OEM, or EMS for modules and manufacturing using electronic devices for industries other than those listed above.

Main Supported Fields

Do you need solutions for these tasks?

  1. Provision of EMS(OEM/ODM) that supports not only on individual electronic devices but also on modules
  2. Search a partner with a proven record and technical capabilities in QCDS
  3. Search a provider that accepts orders flexibly for small-lot, low-volume, or high-volume production orders
The Electronic Devices Business of
JFE Shoji Electronics has solutions

Support manufacturing using electronic devices

EMS(OEM/ODM)is handled by purchasing large quantities of components and outsourcing production. With its proven record and technological capabilities as a technology trading company, JFE Shoji Electronics organizes procurement channels and manufacturing bases by using its vast network. Our EMS business is more than just selling products. With our high technological capabilities, we have built a structure to support the manufacturing of customers who require advanced production technology.

Our electronic device sales cover a large number of product lineups with proven performance and technical capabilities (experience and expertise) to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.

Effects expected after introducing the “manufacturing support” proposed by our EMS Business

Outsourced production (OEM/ODM/EMS) is available according to QCDS required by customers. Risk of holding inventories can be prevented since the in-house production line is not used and the amount of orders placed with manufacturers can be adjusted according to sales status.

Solutions and Products of EMS Business

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