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A Japanese water heater manufacturer


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Provision of technical support and solution up to the implementation of Smart Reel Rack and system

This is an application example by a Japanese water heater manufacturer.
Amid the global shortage of semiconductors, the company urgently needs to increase production efficiency to meet the growing demand for water heaters. With the increase in production, the company was concerned about improving the efficiency of reel management of electronic components, particularly in warehousing management.
Improving the efficiency of electronic component reel management is a challenge common to all companies.
What approach was used to solve this issue?

Background and Issues Before the Introduction and Effects After the Introduction

Background and Issues

  • Warehousing of reel is time-consuming and reduces the production efficiency
  • There are many components in the warehouse and reel management is complicated (prone to errors)
  • Want to eliminate waste of warehouse space


  • Significantly reduced time (man-hours) for warehousing (30% reduction)
  • No need for new or experienced employees to remember where the reels are located and work levels were standardized
  • Parts discharge management are centrally controlled with data and cases of incorrect mounting due to parts replacement errors are prevented
  • Achieved space savings in the warehouse (25% reduction)

Path to Solving the Issue

Background and Issues

The company had to respond to a significant production increase due to the rising demand for water heaters. The increased production led to an increase in the number of electronic components to be managed. However, the conventional reel rack management system required too many man-hours for warehousing, which led to poor production efficiency, and the company was unable to take advantage of the opportunity to increase production.


After receiving an inquiry through our website, we proposed the introduction of the Smart Reel Rack System.

The Smart Reel Rack System is a new rack system that digitizes electronic component storage racks, and it greatly improves the workability of conventional reel management by having electronic component location information in each rack.

The following benefits can be expected from the introduction of the Smart Reel Rack System

  • Reduction of man-hours for warehousing
  • Reduction of errors during warehousing
  • Reduction of warehouse space

Key Points for Issue Solving

It was difficult to communicate with the customer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we made special efforts in the areas described below.

  • Used videos to explain and promote understanding of the system when introduced
  • Took images and videos according to the customer’s needs (points to check, concerns, etc.). Promote the advantages and convenience of Smart Reel Rack

We made proposals based on the customer’s budget and needs, including specifications, the number of units, and system requirements, starting from determining elements that the customer was uncertain of.

Key Points that Were Highly Valued

  • Although this was the very first time to implement this system, we felt comfortable with the support that only a Japanese-affiliated company can provide.
  • Ease of use and smooth implementation compared to other companies
  • Warehousing can be controlled in 2-3 seconds per reel, and it is easy to use
  • The rack size is compact, yet it has high storage capacity since it can hold a large number of reels

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