Provide DX in factories by utilizing video data and achieve “visualization” of production sites!

Application Example


Major steel manufacturer in Japan


Smart Factory Business

Introduced Solutions and Products

  • VMS: Introduction of VMS of Genetec
  • Technical support to convert to smart factory including use of video data

An application at a major steel manufacturer in Japan is introduced.
In the past, factories installed ITV cameras (industrial TV cameras) and watched the captured images but could not manage and use the images as video data.
The solution (VMS) we provided solved this issue. This solution enabled management and use of the video data in various situations such as disaster prevention management and quality control.
What specific approach was made to solve the issue?

Background and Issues Before the Introduction and Effects After the Introduction

Background and Issues

  • ITV cameras (industrial TV cameras) were installed at the site and only view images streamed from the operation room
  • “Visualize the production site” using past video data for reference, verification, search, and other applications when recording, storing, and analyzing the video


  • When quality errors occur, quality control (QC) can now be handled to properly analyze, determine the cause, and prevent recurrence
  • Able to handle risk management by the ability to follow up on the video data through remote monitoring of elements including worker safety, surveillance, and disaster prevention in the factoryAble to handle risk management by the ability to follow up on the video data through remote monitoring of elements including worker safety, surveillance, and disaster prevention in the factory
  • By making it possible to view multiple cameras simultaneously including previously installed cameras, detailed monitoring of conditions at the site was enabled at the operation room and a system was established to respond immediately in the event of an emergency
  • When an accident occurs, multiple cameras can be viewed together and synchronized to analyze the cause of the accident, which was previously invisible
  • By comparing with the data of the operation monitoring system, it was identified that certain actions of the workers frequently caused a generation of equipment malfunctions and defective products

Path to Solving the Issue

Background and Issues

ITV cameras were installed but the video data were not effectively managed and used because the streaming video was only viewed from the operation room.

The customer’s request was to have a system to analyze the video data and achieve “visualization of the production site” from a remote location. They also wanted to make effective use of the cameras already installed.


Therefore, we proposed the introduction of a VMS that uses the existing cameras. At the same time, we provided technical support to manage and use the video data.

Video data can be managed on a server by introducing VMS. This enabled not only viewing of the video data but also using it more effectively, which achieved the “visualization of the production site” remotely.

Key Points for Issue Solving

This was the first time for the customer to install VMS. Therefore, a demo unit was introduced first before the full implementation. Our focus was to let the customer know, understand, and use the VMS and realize how easy it is to use. Although VMS was unprecedented and difficult for the customer to determine the details, this approach helped the customer to positively discuss the introduction of VMS.

The key point of this project was that we were able to emphasize the benefit (advantages) of our solution by having the customer actually use and experience it.

Key Points that Were Highly Valued

  • We were glad that we achieved “visualization of the production site” remotely since the condition now allows us to manage and use the video data, which changed from allowing us to just view images

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The first step toward a "smart factory" at the production site is the visualization of the factory.

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