Cleaning Process Business

When it comes to the cleaning process business, our sales, as well as maintenance and repair, of environmentally friendly industrial cleaning devices that use hydrocarbon solvents and aqueous solutions are not only expanding domestically, but also throughout China and Southeast Asian countries. Furthermore, as professional advisors of cleaning processes, we will make full use of our delivery record and solutions developed over many years at home and abroad in order to suggest the most optimal cleaning process that is environmentally friendly and affordable, as well as providing after sales services.


Examples of Manufactured Products


[Hydrocarbon-based Cleaning Equipment]
Features: The detergent decreases working press and cutting machining oil and the distillation of this cleaner can reduce running costs. Applications: Degreasing metal parts and substrate flux cleaning.
[Water-based Cleaning Equipment]
Features: Suitable for contamination removal in addition to degreasing and cleaning of water soluble cutting oil and is very safe to use. Applications: Degreasing of oil on metal parts and contaminant removal.
We provide the optimal Exxon Mobil Chemical cleaning agents in each country. Hydrocarbon cleaning solution Actrel Series (Asian countries and Japan) and Musashi Techno Chemical Co., Ltd. cleaner (China and Japan).