Solutions Business

In order to meet the demands of a diversified market, we believe that “proposals of added value = the delivery of total solutions.”
We respond to our customer’s requests by organizing our world class company according to QCDS, including ODM/OEM/EMS, in the fields of the image board businesses,
communication infrastructure of Wi-Fi, LTE, 5G and contracted development businesses of finished products.
This includes Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G communication infrastructure businesses and finished product contracted development businesses(including ODM/OEM), which also includes communication infrastructure.
In addition, we provide total solution service regarding AI sprinkling and fertilization robot “ZeRo.agri” including of supplying and selling instrument in the field of ICT for farmer, agribusiness firm and agricultural school.

Examples of Manufactured Products


■ AI sprinkling and fertilization robot “ZeRo.agri”
■ Image Board Business (Including software development)
■ Wi-Fi · WiMAX communication board business (Including ODM / OEM / firmware development)
■ Various circuit board development/software development
Routrek Networks is a maker of AI sprinkling and fertilization robot “ZeRo.agri” and expanding related service.
With the slogan "Holiday for agriculture," we will provide solutions to achieve high quality while achieving labor saving, water saving, and fertilizer reduction by IoT technology.
MERRY is a manufacturer and supplier to major brands of OEM/ODM speakers and headphones. They offer high-quality products with superior sound-tuning technology that meets each customer’s needs.
Gemtek is a leading Taiwanese OEM/ODM manufacturer of communication module and equipment and modules such as WiFi/WiMAX/LTE.
LITEON is a world-class OEM/ODM manufacturer of a wide range of consumer products and communication equipment for enterprize.
LUXNET is a manufacturer engaged in design and manufacturing from optical components up to optical modules (ODM). They offer high-quality products through quality controlled in-house production.