Mounting Equipment Business

To accommodate high performance, small, lightweight electrical and electronic products, we have implemented the superior mounting equipment of Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. From technical support to maintenance, as well as peripheral equipment, we offer total solutions with advanced technology and a wide range of products to solve the issues customers face as they expand globally.

Examples of Manufactured Products

Smart Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.

Solder printers, mounting machines,
multi-die bonders, plasma cleaners

Koh Young Technology., Inc
3D Automated Optical Inspection
3D Solder Paste Inspection

HGLaser Engineering Co.,Ltd

Laser Marker
Laser Cutting


Other products ・ Manufacturers

■ULTRASONIC Cutting System:
■Visual Inspection Support System:
Hitachi Giken Co., Ltd
■Variant component insertion machines, semi-automatic component insertion machines, moisture-proof coating machines:
Alpha Design Co., Ltd.
Suzuki Co., Ltd
■Loader, conveyor:
Nutek Pte Ltd., Eunil Co.,Ltd
Tamura Corporation Co., Ltd., Nihon Antom Co., Ltd.,
Senju Material Industry Co., Ltd.
■Stencils, stencil cleaner:
Process Lab Micron Co., Ltd.
Sawa Corporation Co., Ltd., Nakamura Choukou Co. Ltd.
■Rework Station:
Den-on Instruments Co., Ltd., M.S. Engineering Co., Ltd.
■Nozzle Cleaner:
Nakamura Choukou Co., Ltd.
■Automatic soldering robot:
Meiko Tech Co., Ltd.
■Production support software:
Mentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd., Cardos, CJC
■Smart reel rack:
PSP Asia Co., Ltd