As an electronics trading company in the JFE Group,
by creating and providing new value, we aim to be a company that thoroughly pursues the contribution to our customers and suppliers in Japan and overseas, furthermore to the market and society.
President and Representative Director :Takaaki Yanagisawa
Rapidly advancing electronics technology has drastically changed our lives, the way we interact with people, and the way we do our work, bringing about major changes in human society such as economic globalization and the diversification of people’s values and behavior.

In such a drastically changing society, JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation will continue to work with the JFE Group’s, as an electronics trading company, we have more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and we look ahead to the times to provide systems that meet the needs of the latest trend.
We will continue to serve our customers and partners by enhancing our planning and technical support capabilities and responding with a sense of speed and aim to be a company that makes a contribution and has a strong presence.
In addition to handling unique products in our Semiconductor devices, foundries, EMS, surface-mounting/cleaning processes, measuring instruments and smart factories, we will continue to provide highly differentiated services by leveraging our strengths in overseas locations=global network.
At the same time, we have positioned CSR as the foundation of our corporate survival, and as a member of the JFE Shoji Group, we will also make an effort to maximize corporate value.

We want to be a group that continues to take on the challenges of moving forward with society while maintaining a sense of gratitude for our customers and other stakeholders and earning the trust of society. That’s what we’re aiming for.