Foundry Business

Foundry Service is to manufacture semiconductor device on the silicon wafer based on the design data from a customer. JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation is recognized as the first official Channel Partner of the world class foundry,
GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc in Japan. We have been supporting not only sales & logistics but also production development, and have contributed more than 400 production tape outs through our technical consultation.
Low cost sample manufacturing service called "Shuttle Service" is also available. Shuttle Service is produced by MPW (Multiple Project Wafer) which mask set and wafers are shared among multiple customers. Our experienced and professional technical staffs coming from wafer foundry supplier surely help the successful product development at any stage and anytime.
We can also offer flexible and valuable Turnkey service, SIS (Silicon Integration Service) which is really useful for customers if full or partial production service (wafer manufacturing, assembling and testing) including product design service like ASIC is required.
Furthermore, isolators and lenses for optical component in the high speed optical network market are also our strategic products. Peltier type of thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is listed in our product lineups, too.
JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation promises to provide the best solution to all customers with appropriate technology, service and products.


Example of Products


GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) is a top class foundry whose 6 fabs are located in US, Germany and Singapore. GF lines up not only mainstream logic process but also FDSOI (FDX™) which realizes super low power consumption, RF process which covers up to mmwave and HV process which adapts wide operating voltage range. GF's strong ecosystem partners (GLOBALSOLUTIONS® Ecosystem) enable the fast time-to-market of your LSI which will be applied to various applications such as 5G, IoT, automotive, power management, driver and industrial.
TSI Semiconductors (TSI) is a wafer foundry whose fab is located in California. TSI has high voltage process technology which adapts 12V to 700V, and RF process technology which features precision poly resistor. These technologies were transferred from IBM and its high accuracy model enables first-time-right of your LSI design.
Silicon Integration Serves, called SIS is our innovative turkey solution. Known as our unique service, our goal is to deliver final products to customers what meets their demand in addition to our foundry service. Fully utilization and logistics functions while cooperating with partner manufacturers of each process is our strength to provide flexible and high-performance turnkey services. After wafer manufacturing, we can support each process until the final product is completed, such as wafer test, bump, assembly and final test. Individual consultation for each process is also possible. Contact us for more information.
We propose highly precise and high performance optical components and devices for data center or 5G/6G base station. Our product range is diversified; optical isolator, optical lens, photo diode, laser diode and so on. All components and devices are provided by top-notch and reliable manufactures from all over the world. OEM/ODM service for optical module using the components and devices are available as well. Furthermore we offer Peltier device (thermo electronic cooler), which is used for diversified applications such as satellite, semiconductor production equipment, luxury car seat, wine cellar, cooler box etc. Primary benefits are the best price, performance and sustainable supply chain according to the customer’s request.