Shown at the 28th Interphex Japan exhibition.

Shown at the 28th Interphex Japan exhibition.
Interphex Japan is an international exhibition for the manufacturing, research, and development of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and detergents.
JFE Shoji Electronics participated with outstanding products from the measuring equipment division. We proposed new uses in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors for measuring devices used up until now for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. On this page we will introduce some of the equipment that was part of our exhibit.
Global Standard of Insoluble Particulate Matter Test for Injections
HIAC Laboratory Liquid Particle Counter (Manufactured in the USA)
System 9703+


First commercialized as a liquid particle counter, HIAC boasts a delivery record unparalleled in the world. In addition to checking for insoluble particulates in injectable solutions, it can be used to check the cleanliness of electronic components, as there’s a wide range of applications and fields, from biochemistry to electronics, where it can be used.






A measuring device used in the manufacturing process of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to the field of biotechnology and regenerative medicine.
Pentagon Technologies Surface Particle Counter (Manufactured in the USA)
Surface Particle Detector QIII

Airborne particle counters specialize in the measurement of floating particles. Comparatively, the QIII is a device that measures surface particles while spraying clean dry air and vacuuming. It was originally used during the maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to check for residual particles. It is expected that it will be of use in the future field of regenerative medicine, and beyond research and development, to measure contamination in manufacturing processes.




Build an automated system to your specifications with your own hands!
LabSmith Micro- and Nano-Fluidic Experiment Kit (Manufactured in the USA)


This kit looks like a system at first glance. All parts are actually separate components. Depending on how they are combined, it could also function as something like a cell sorter (cell fractionation device). Its accuracy is not equal to specialized equipment, but it delivers enough power as an evaluation instrument for initial cell screening. Additionally, it can be used for electrophoretic experimentation, etc. in diagnostic pharmaceutical research and development, and bacteria identification. Its applications are infinite depending on researcher creativity.




Thank you to everyone who visited oue exhibition and to all of those who discussed business with us. For any inquiries about this,
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