Electronic Device Business

With the advancement of IT and digital technologies, there is an increasingly diverse array of automotive and electronic devices, along with consumer electronics, OA, mobile, and high-speed networks.
We take advantage of our global network to stock countless distinctive electronic devices made in Japan and abroad.
Additionally, we provide reliable product development to mass production services, along with increasingly diverse technical support to meet our customers’ needs.


Examples of Manufactured Products


– Mega Chips
MegaChips provides a variety of solutions by making full use of a wide range of knowledge, which leads to manufacturing quality assurance directly onward from the time of development. With the integration of management with Kawasaki Microelectronics in April 2013, they became a top 10 world-class, Fabless Manufacturing ASIC/ASSP company.
– SiTime
SiTime Corporation is a MEMS clock maker that uses only Si based materials, and holds an 80% share in the market. Using the high reliability, small size, and durability – characteristics of MEMS – as their selling point, they are aiming for a paradigm shift from the normal quartz crystal unit. They were bought by MegaChips Corporation in 2014, and became subsidiaries.
Semitech Corporation provides semiconductor devices for use in video/imaging products, data communication equipment(DCE), etc., particularly, CDRs, TIAs and Laser drivers for optical communication equipment as well as SDI-interface ICs for broadcasting equipment.
Swissbit is a manufacturer that produces and sells NAND flash-related products (SSD, CF, etc.,) and DRAM modules for the industrial market, emphasizing the importance of reliability, durability, and performance. We provide a total memory solution which focuses on the ability to provide long-time supply, customizability and advancement in performance while adapting to the life-cycle of industrial equipment.
- Yoshikawa RF Semicon
Yoshikawa RF Semicon develops a specialized of RFID chips and the related products like readers and writers. They have a high-degree of knowledge and technical capabilities along with a variety of expertise as well as a wide range of patents.
– Genesys Logic
Genesys Logic Inc., is a leading manufacturer of Taiwan, which excels in the field of high-speed I/O technology. In particular, they have a flawless product schedule for the technological development of USB2.0, USB3.1, SD3.0 and SATA3.0. They have a record of supplying products to numerous major electronics companies in countries all over the world, including Japan.
DDC is a Hybrid IC manufacturer that is certified in U.S. military standard QML-38510, designated as a military certified manufacturer by ML-STD-1772 as a major manufacturer of synchro-conversion and data path 1553. They have state-of-the-art technology in both the fields of hardware, software, LSI wiring patterns, and thick and thin film technology.
– Raydium
Raydium is a Fabless IC vendor that specializes in the TFT-LC market that makes full use of proprietary I/F Driver IC to provide a wide range of driver and control IC system solutions.
LOTES offers high-quality connectors, cables and harness products for primary interface specifications such as PCIe/ SATA/ USB/ HDMI/ RJ45 and CPU sockets. The company is quick to adapt to the newest specifications (such as USB Type-C) and has already arranged an abundant product line-up. By providing a production line from mold making to connector manufacturing, we can respond flexibility to customization requirements from customers.
– avalue Technology Inc.
avalue is a Taiwanese manufacturer that develops and manufactures IPC and CPU boards.
They provide reliable and high quality industrial embedded computers, COM (Computer On Module), monitors for medical purposes, and PoS/KIOSK terminals.
– Fortune Grand Technology Inc
Fortune Grand Technology is a Taiwanese manufacturer that produces high quality speakers for major company tablet PCs and laptops. With their excellent design techniques, they do not just distribute individual parts, but also provide and tune audio boxes for integrating applications.