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Cleanvy Hydrocarbon and water-based washing machineNakanihon Rokogyo Co. Ltd. Vacuum annealing furnaceU.S. Hach Company Co. Ltd. HIAC Liquid particle measuring instrument ANATEL TOC MeterSwiss HACH Lange’s Orbisphere dissolved oxygen meterAustria Anton Parr’s Viscosity viscoelasticity zeta potential measurement devices and microwave dissolution and synthesis sample regulatorU.S. Pentagon Technologies’s Surface particle measuring apparatusItaly Spot-optics’s Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor systemGermany SPECTRO’s X-ray fluorescence analysis and emission spectroscopy metal analyzerJFE Techno-Research’s Film thickness distribution measuring apparatus and cross tablet measuring deviceKoike Sanso Kogyo Co.’s Combustion exhaust gas treatment systemPanasonic Factory Solutions’s Mounting system high-speed modular mounter high-speed screen printing machine multi-die bonder flip chip bonder plasma cleaner FPD bonderAnritsu’s Solder inspection deviceNagoya Electric Co.’s Visual inspection equipment and x-ray examination apparatusOther peripheral equipment

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