JFE Shoji Electronics provides innovative
low thermal expansion,
High Thermal Conductivity materials.

JFE Shoji Electronics Product Development Section is providing wide range of materials such as Metal, Resin, Glass and others to solve our customer’s thermal management issues and advancing their products.

Low Thermal Expansion, High Thermal Conductivity Stands side by side!!


The only material in the world.
Cr-Cu Clad / Rolled J-C’CREP®

JFE’s original process has turn into reality.
Equally thermal expansion, thermal conductivity with W-Cu, Mo-Cu.

In addition to capability of complicated press forming by high plastic workability, it realizes good machining ability.

Supreme Low CTE!


Low CTE Cast Iron Material. LEX-ZERO


CTE : 0±0.19ppm/K (0-25℃)


Exceeding performance in low CTE.
Excellent machinability & surface treatment.
Application Example
Semiconductor, LCD Semiconductor Assembly Equipment, Testing Equipment, LDC Manufacturing Equipment
Machine Tool Machining Centers, Multi-spindle drilling machines, ultra precision grinding machine, precision press machines
Measuring Instruments Laser Measuring Instruments, Advanced Microscope, 3D- co-ordinate measuring machines, Precision Flow Meter



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