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“The first step toward a “”smart factory”” at the production site is the visualization of the factory. Our “”video integration and digitization”” solutions help our customers to make that first step.”

Currently, the manufacturing industry in Japan is facing difficult situations including a declining workforce and rising labor costs. In addition, major reformation is required at Japanese manufacturing sites due to challenges such as globalization of supply chains and changes in work styles.

The keywords in our Smart Factory Business are “visualization” and “safety.” We support the application of “smart factory” at our customers’ production sites with video solutions that use cutting-edge IoT and cloud technologies.

As a “Smart Factory Solution Provider,” we continue to support our customers aiming for factory reform in this era of fast-evolving technology.

Main Supported Fields

The above are some examples. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests for other applications.

Do you need solutions for these tasks?

  1. Need to promote visualization of production sites, but do not know where to start.
  2. Surveillance cameras are installed but they are used only to monitor remotely. Moreover, the images are blurry and the video is sluggish.
  3. Locations of cameras currently installed are limited. Since they do not provide images of the entire factory or all processes, they are not fully used to improve operations at the production site or to provide traceability of quality issues.
  4. Since equipment of different manufacturers is operated separately, data cannot be managed centrally (data of the entire facility cannot be managed centrally).
  5. Safety management, disaster prevention, and security measures in the factory are inadequate and feel insecure.
The Smart Factory Business of
JFE Shoji Electronics has solutions

Smart Factory Business offers a lineup of high value-added commercial products to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. A lineup of mainly of web cameras with high performance and unique characteristics is provided.

They will be the optimal solution for customers who aim to improve their operations and strengthen their production systems by converting their factories into “Smart Factories” while using the existing assets of existing production sites.

Some of our typical solutions are introduced below.

Solution 1Ultra-low bandwidth, ultra-low latency network cameras

Ultra-low bandwidth, ultra-low latency network cameras

Cameras are indispensable for using video images at the production site. Network cameras (web cameras) have recently become the mainstream. Our Smart Factory Business offers a network camera solution that achieves high resolution, ultra-low bandwidth, and ultra-low latency using TMFE’s proprietary video compression technology.

This camera delivers high-quality image data with ultra-low bandwidth and ultra-low latency that are approximately 1/5 of other companies. It can be used with LTE public lines (4G). Both wired and wireless applications are supported allowing wide range of installation locations. Furthermore, VMS, which centrally manages video data, is compatible with both cloud and on-premise systems. This network camera provides high-quality video data anytime and anywhere with smooth operation.

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Solution 2“Application of DX by video = Conversion to smart factories” using VMS

“Application of DX by video = Conversion to smart factories” using VMS

The VMS( Video Management Software/System) is an integrated video management system/software for recording, managing, and viewing videos. Our Smart Factory Business has accumulated experience and achievements in implementing video solutions at production sites using VMS, which are mainly of Genetec’s VMS products, at our affiliated company (JFE Steel). We strongly promote the application of DX by video for converting factories to smart factories at our customers’ production sites. We support achieving of on-premise video platforms for our customers. Our unique solution capabilities backed up by many group companies. This is the strength of JFE Shoji Electronics.

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Solution 3SCADA + Video = Merging the plant data and video data

SCADA + Video = Merging the plant data and video data

The solution that merges SCADA and video proposed by our Smart Factory Business will help solve issues of various plant data and video data, which tend to become disorganized and difficult to manage centrally. This solution is a system that merges camera images and plant data. It enables centralized visualization & monitoring of events occurring in the customer’s factory.

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Solution 4Video × AI solution

Video × AI solution

The “Smart Factory Solution” offered by our Smart Factory Business contributes to factory floor improvement with the latest AI technology. We provide the optimal AI partner for the AI and various projects that our customers are considering.

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OthersNon-contact and non-destructive inspection with drone-mounted radar

Non-contact and non-destructive inspection with drone-mounted radar

Ultra-wideband radar can be mounted on a drone for non-contact and non-destructive inspection. Internal diagnostics can be performed with the raider in addition to surface inspection using the camera image. Development is currently in progress to offer a new type of drone application for inspection in the industrial field.

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Expected Effects

Improvement of analytical capability through the application of DX to video data

Digitization of images enables linkage with various tools. In conventional factory management, it was necessary to install cameras to control (monitor) visually and make decisions. However, our solution enables analysis based on data without visual confirmation. It offers visualization of the production site for our customers to grasp the operational status in the factory.

Improvement of traceability

Accumulation and analysis of video and data improve traceability when faced with quality issues. Status can be understood accurately using data and video that show conditions in the past and of other processes in addition to those of the current situation. Furthermore, it contributes to the improvement of operations and strengthening of the production system by analyzing problems and planning countermeasures, which lead to cost reductions and increased output at the production site.

Productivity Improvement Using AI

AI analysis using video images can be used in a variety of ways such as detecting a failure in advance based on equipment operating conditions, vibration, abnormal noise and other indicators. Prediction of equipment life and failure through AI analysis prevents unforeseen situations such as line stoppages, which improves productivity.

Reformation of work styles through remote operation by skilled technicians

One of the major issues at production sites in Japan is the decline in the number of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers. Skilled engineers are retiring and the number of people with skills, knowledge, and expertise is decreasing.

Our Smart Factory Business has built a solution that can provide remote support to the few skilled engineers. This solution provides a clear view of the on-site situation with data and supports up to the remote operation phase. This allows sharing of expertise of skilled technicians within the company, which standardizes the work site level.

Improved disaster prevention management and security at production sites

Monitoring of worker area intrusion, remote detection of falls, and disaster prevention management can be handled using video data and AI. It also contributes to improving the security level in the factory by controlling access to the factory, reading vehicle license plate numbers, and other measures.

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